Early stage capital is crucial to the success of a start-up and at Blilie Law we understand the unique challenges founders face during the fundraising process.

The capital needs of every company are different. At Blilie Law, we can help you develop a financing plan that best allows you to smartly turn your visions into reality.
From pre-seed rounds of financing all the way through leveraged buyouts, we will help you understand the nuances of each potential source of funding and assist you in avoiding the legal pitfalls that accompany them – even the ever appealing “friends and family” financing requires careful attention. Whether through convertible notes, simple agreements for future equity (SAFEs), convertible preferred stock or common stock, we will guide you in selecting the proper financing instrument and identifying the important deal points for investor negotiations.
In addition to the various types of financing instruments, it’s also imperative to understand the considerations for different investors such as angels, angel syndicates, venture capitalists, and private equity firms. We will prepare you for your investor meetings and work with you to perfect your pitch so that you can confidently negotiate with sophisticated investors.