We provide services that allow technology companies to protect your intellectual and technology properties during all phases of development.

Today's technology companies are faced with unique legal hurdles that simply do not exist for many other industries. The speed in which emerging technologies are developing outpaced the law long ago and legislative bodies have been unable to keep up. As a consequence, technology companies are often faced with difficult legal questions with little or no guidance from common sources of precedence. The attorneys at Blilie Law understand this unique posture and closely follow the legal developments in the technology industry so that we can provide guidance to our clients in real time.

If you are not involved in a traditional technology company, you may have heard the saying that all companies are now tech companies. This saying stems from the fact that even the most archaic of industries are now embracing the benefits of software and mobile applications. The development of which can be extremely expensive and may feel overwhelming to the non-tech savvy business owner. At Blilie Law we have drafted, negotiated, and closed technology deals from both the perspective of the tech provider and the customer and we are ready to assist you through the process.