Whether you need to protect your brand or better understand the implications of your actions in the ever evolving realm of intellectual property rights, we will help guide you through unchartered territory.

At Blilie Law, we focus on three main forms of intellectual property – Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets. Ensuring your brand is properly protected under federal trademark law not only allows you to develop your intellectual property portfolio, but also helps to ensure you do not incur future unnecessary costs due to trademark infringement claims, such as having to change your trade name long after costly investments in marketing and building your brand. We offer a comprehensive list of trademark services that can take you from determining the best name for your start-up, to ensuring your mark remains protected long after approval of your trademark application. In the realm of trademarks, some of our services include: (i) trademark availability searches; (ii) filing 1(a) and 1(b) federal trademark applications; (iii) filing state trademark applications; (iv) filing international trademark applications; (v) responding to and/or sending cease and desist letters; (vi) contesting and/or opposing trademark applications; (vii) representation in official TTAB proceedings; (viii) post registration services, such as filing Affidavits of Use, Incontestability forms, and Renewals; and (ix) counsel as to best practices for protecting your Trademark.
In addition to Trademark protection, federal Copyright protection is also another avenue available to help protect the expression of your ideas. By filing and obtaining federal Copyright protection, you will be entitled to many benefits under the law, including the ability to recover statutory damages against any infringers. Do you ever wonder why those found to be illegally downloading music were slapped with hefty fines even when they only downloaded 10-20 songs? Simple – It’s because of statutory damages. At Blilie Law, we can help you: (i) assess the copyrightability of your work; (ii) file for the appropriate protection; (iii) send and/or respond to cease and desist letters; and (iv) determine the best practices for protecting your Copyright.
While registering your Trademark and Copyright with the USPTO is a crucial step in protecting your intellectual property rights, it is also important to understand how your actions may result in potential trademark and/or copyright infringement claims from third parties. Whether purchasing a trademark or domain name, hiring individuals to work for you, negotiating licensing rights, or using pre-existing works to create your own material (i.e., fair-use claims), intellectual property issues may appear in the most unsuspecting of areas. Start-ups must take a proactive approach to curtail potential future liability and/or expenses. At Blilie Law we provide counsel and guidance to help you avoid violating a third party’s intellectual property rights all-the-while ensuring the protection of your own.